5 Advantages of Temporary Employment

It’s one of the questions we’re asked most often by potential candidates: what, exactly, are the advantages of temporary employment? Obviously, the answer depends on your own personal expectations—what you want to get out of your working life. But if the following benefits sound good to you, temporary work may be ideal for you.

1 – Keep your skills sharpened

Taking on a temporary assignment is a great way to keep your professional skills up to date, even if you’re not looking for full-time employment right now. It’s also gives you an opportunity to expand your repertoire of skills and strengthen your work experience, opening new doors for the future.

2 – Work while seeking other opportunities

Finding the right permanent position can sometimes be a long process; while you’re looking, temporary work allows you to stay employed and continue earning an income. And when you complete temporary contracts through ExcelHR, you gain the added advantage of having our team support you in your ongoing career search for permanent or other temporary opportunities. It’s a definite win-win situation.

3 – Network!

There’s no better way to meet professional contacts—and make new friends—than temporary work. With each contract you complete successfully, you have abundant opportunities to make lasting connections.

4 – Get a taste of what’s out there

Temporary employment is kind of like a “career buffet”: by having the chance to sample a wide variety of job options, you gain a better sense of what you like, what you don’t, and where you’re sure to flourish. Further, you can see first hand what a working environment is like before applying for or accepting permanent work in that organization.

5 – Work when you want

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of working “Temp” is the flexibility it brings. Work as often or as little as you want—to suit your lifestyle, your family needs, your income requirements.