9 Ways to be Virtually Social

As we all practice social distancing, we need to get creative with how we can connect with family, friends and colleagues. Here are some tips on how to be virtually social.

Host a virtual game night.

Catan Universe offers basic board games free of charge (up to three friends).

Houseparty is a free app that allows you to connect face-to-face and play games in real time like Cards Against Humanity and HeadsUp.

Mural is a free online whiteboard where you can play Pictionary with your friends.

Words with Friends is a free alternative to Scrabble to play with friends online.

Netflix with friends

Use Netflix Party to connect and watch Netflix shows using your Chrome Browser. Capture reactions from friends in real time as you watch together.

Watch live concerts online

Together At Home is a virtual concert series in partnership with WHO (World Health Organization). Follow their Instagram and view their YouTube channel for past broadcasts. Virtual concerts available include: Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello and OneRepublic.

Billboard, NPR, and CBC (weekly) have a list of online free concerts to watch from home as well.


Spread your singing chops online by using YouTube as your playground for free karaoke songs. Setup a webcam and live stream your family singing songs together.

To do this, search karaoke and the name of the song you are looking for on YouTube and several videos will popup, or use this kid-friendly playlist to get started.

Share recipes and cook together

Ask family and friends to share recipes and walk you through the steps of making something with you via Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or other video conferencing tools. Food connects people, even if you’re remote.

Start a virtual book club

Conenct with your fellow book lovers and dive into a new read together. For a list of hot reads, check out Heather’s Picks and Goodreads.

Decide together how many chapters you’re going to read each week and setup a date and time to discuss the book via video conference.

Read a child a bedtime story

If you’re a parent, your kids may really miss their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Try setting up a Zoom, FaceTime or Google Hangout session at bedtime so that they can read your child their favouite bedtime story.

Exercise together

Planet Fitness’s daily training during COVID-19, the Nike Training Club App, and Do Yoga with Me are free exercise resources available at your fingertips. Setup weekly challenges with your family, friends and co-workers to stay active.

Throw a virtual birthday party

If you’re celebrating getting another year older, don’t postpone the party – host a virtual birthday party! Pick a date, time and theme. Guests can get dressed up and toast your birthday via video conferencing.