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July 8, 2020

Technology Courses

CYBER SECURITY Jul 13 – Aug 23. Cyber Security Third Party Risk, Compliance, and Emerging Risks (Online, University of Toronto). In this course, you’ll learn to...
July 8, 2020

Communication and Language Courses

COMMUNICATION Jul 13-16. Improving Your Presentation Skills (Online, University of Ottawa). Learn to make highly effective presentations and become an effective public speakers through practice and...
July 8, 2020

Emotional Wellness Courses

Sept 18, Oct 16. Fundamentals of Mindfulness Practice in the Workplace (Online, University of Ottawa). This one-day workshop plus a half-day praticum is an adaptation of...
July 8, 2020

Leadership Courses

Jul 21-24. Contentious Issue Management and Crisis Communication (Online, University of Ottawa). Learn how to monitor the external and internal environment to track risks and identify...
September 20, 2019

Leadership and Management Courses for CFO’s and Controllers

Are you a CFO or a Controller looking for additional resources to further develop yourself as a professional? Take a look at the courses listed below....
September 20, 2019

15 Courses To Help You Ace The CPA Exam

Whether you have just graduated with an Accounting or Finance degree, are transitioning into an accounting role, or are preparing to take the CPA, this list...