Conferences and Courses in Agile Development

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Interested in developing your skills in the area of Agile Development? Check out these conferences and course taking place in 2019:


Agile Open—Tucson, AZ. Mar 15, 2019. Self-organizing people sharing ideas and knowledge.

XP2019—Montreal, QC. May 21-25, 2019. Agile researchers, practitioners and thought leaders discuss recent innovations, research results, challenges and trends.

Agile 2019—Washington, DC. Aug 5-9, 2019. Dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish.



Agile Testing—Online (Dec 10-12). Learn how Agile testing enhances delivery speed and improves overall quality. $2,025.

Agile Leadership— Toronto, ON. Mar 20-22, 2019 / Online (anytime). A course in applying the Agile leadership framework to advance organizational goals. $2,745.