Conferences and Courses in Artificial Intelligence in 2019

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Interested in developing your skills in the area of Artificial Intelligence? Check out these conferences and course taking place in 2019:


AI Masters—Berlin, Germany. Jan 24-25, 2019. AI conference for marketing and e-commerce decision-makers.

AI and Future of Work—San Francisco, CA. Jan 31-Feb 1, 2019. Research into over-arching machine learning trends and how work will soon be taking into account AI and globalization.

Artificial Intelligence Conference—New York, NY. Apr 16-18, 2019. Discover the untapped opportunities of AI.

AI in Retail and Advertising—London, England. Sept 19-20, 2019. Latest deep learning advancements and how to leverage methods to improve advertising and the retail experience.


Artificial Intelligence Overview for the Enterprise—Online (anytime). Technical primer on the foundations of AI, introducing each sub-field of AI and how they can be practically exploited in the modern business sense. $1,720.

Introduction to Data Science, Machine Learning and AI—Ottawa, ON. Mar 4-8, 2019 / Toronto, ON. Apr 8-12, 2019. Use open source tools to analyze large data sets and translate business questions into Machine Learning problems. $3,710.

Masters of Management in Artificial Intelligence—Toronto, ON. This 12 month program balances technical, management and problem-solving content. A capstone project in the final module allows individuals to apply AI solutions to real business cases. Online information session on Oct 6. $59,900.