Conferences and Courses in Cyber Security

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Interested in developing your skills in the area of Cyber Security? Check out these conferences and course taking place in 2019:


Toronto Tech-Security Conference—Toronto, ON. Mar 21, 2019. Discussing tech-security issues in today’s world.

Infiltrate—Miami Beach, FL. May 2-3, 2019. Focused on offensive security issues and groundbreaking techniques to solve technical issues.

InfoSecurity Europe—London, England. Jun 4-6, 2019. Display of diverse range of IT security services and products.

Identiverse—Washington, DC. Jun 25-28, 2019. Leaders in identity and security identify solutions that are here today and built for the future.



Advanced Persistent Threats: Targeted Attacks and Defences—Online (anytime). Identify attacks, leverage defense methodologies, mitigate risk of targeted attacks and cyber espionage and assess vulnerabilities to advanced persistent threats. $3,285.

Certified Authorization Professional—Online (anytime). Prepare for the CAP exam while learning to implement a RMF, tailor security controls and perform security control assessments. $4,915.

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator v9—Online (anytime). Learn digital evidence acquisition and analysis for successful prosecution. $3,895.

Certificate in Advanced Cyber Security—Toronto, ON. Jan 3-Jun 26, 2019. Deepen your understanding of cyber security topics, strengthen your skills as an IT manager/project lead and prepare to earn a CISSP designation. $3,885.