COVID-19 FAQs For Employers

We’ve been receiving many questions from our clients regarding COVID-19.

Our CEO, Kathryn Tremblay, sat down to personally answer a few of these questions. Topics include onboarding, termination, COVID-19 screening, working from home and more.

See below for the list of questions and timestamped answers.

0:33 I have a newly hired employee starting a permanent position at the end of March. What are my options?

2:19 What if someone was near one of your contract workers that tested positive for COVID-19?

4:58 Parents that are home with babies, small children, what happens if I am a single parent and I have a child that needs my support? How do I juggle that?

6:35 Can I force an employee to disclose if they been tested positive for COVID-19?

7:34 Do I have to provide work from home access to temporary employees?

9:10 Do we owe notice if we end a temporary contract?

9:45 What do put in a pandemic plan? For a copy of our pandemic plan, email