Emotional Wellness Courses

Sept 18, Oct 16. Fundamentals of Mindfulness Practice in the Workplace (Online, University of Ottawa). This one-day workshop plus a half-day praticum is an adaptation of ancient Zen wisdom and practices to modern western work life. We will learn practical skills and meditation techniques for dealing with common work place stressors and for recognizing and nourishing joy and happiness. $795. pdinstitute.uottawa.ca

Headspace (App). Practice mindfulness and meditation with guides, tips, and tricks. Find balance in your life with resources provided and build a personalized plan to achieve your goals. Free (optional in-app purchases). headspace.com

Calm (App). Practice breathing techniques and exercises to help relax, mindful walking meditations, and sleep stories from your phone or apple watch. Free (optional in-app purchases). calm.com

Mindful (Website). Video guided meditation to cultivate the best mindset in managing the world as it is today. Practices such as A Compassion Practice for Healthcare Workers to bring awareness to patterns of thinking. mindful.org

Mindfulness Masterclass (Online, on-demand). Learn about mindfulness fundamentals, the science of mindfulness, mindfulness for stress, mindfulness for impulse control & less anger. $17. udemy.com

Gretchen Rubin (Books). Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives and The Happiness Project allow readers to examine their lives and daily habits to make changes and become the mindful person they wish to be. gretchenrubin.com


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