Employee Engagement Survey Questions

We’ve included 25 possible questions for you to choose from for your employee engagement survey.

Our Experience

  • Our survey included 5 statements to rate and 2 open ended questions. Historically, we’ve found having 4 to 8 questions results in a higher response rate (over 85%) versus surveys of 10 or more questions. One of our clients sends only ONE engagement survey question at a time (one per month) in order to gauge the changing nature of employee engagement.
  • A simple rating scale of 5 items (5 stars, 5 statements, or 5 numbers) seems to be the simplest way to obtain a score.
  • The open ended question “Do you have any suggestions on how we can enhance or maintain our corporate culture at this time?” elicited the most input. Leave room for 300 word responses.
  • Our first round of engagement surveys were anonymous, this one was not. It allowed us to follow up with team members who said they feel unclear about their priorities or that elements of our daily/weekly leadership are not working effectively for them.
  • We communicated the overall results to all of our employees within 3 days of issuing the survey, and included our top 3 take-aways.
  • We conducted a small group session for 5-6 leaders at a time to brainstorm on areas in which we felt we could improve, and shared insights on leadership actions we will take.
  • We sent our survey this time from within our learning management system (we use Eloomi), but have also relied on Survey Monkey and Google Surveys in the past.

Possible Survey Questions

Please rate your level of agreement on the following statements
[Strongly Agree – Agree – Neutral – Disagree – Strongly Disagree]

  1. Our company is doing a good job of sharing information regarding COVID-19 and how it affects our business, teams and clients.
  2. The day-to-day frequency of communication from my manager has been effective.
  3. I have a clear understanding of my work priorities.
  4. I feel that my time and efforts are fully maximized.
  5. I currently feel supported by my company.
  6. The organization and my manager care about my health, safety and emotional well-being.
  7. I feel equally as productive working remotely as I do working in the office.
  8. My manager supports my efforts to balance work and personal priorities.
  9. My manager is offering flexible work arrangements that suit my personal needs.
  10. My manager is recognizing my efforts and celebrating my accomplishments.
  11. The frequency of communication within my team has been effective.
  12. My team is supporting each other during this time.
  13. I feel connected to team members outside of my own team while working remotely.
  14. I feel connected to senior management while working remotely.
  15. I have access to the people, materials and resources I need to succeed in my role while working remotely.
  16. I have the technology and equipment I need to do my job remotely.
  17. My technical set-up is working adequately, with minimal issues.
  18. My at-home office set-up is ergonomically correct, comfortable and not causing physical pain.

Please choose from the following (you can select multiple answers)

  1. Which forms of communication do you prefer while working remotely:
    • Video meetings
    • Emails
    • Phone Calls
    • Other: _______________________
  2. Which types of health and wellness resources would you be most interested in:
    • Effective time management tips
    • Balancing parenthood and caretaking with working remotely
    • Staying connected / seeking emotional support
    • Stress management / building resilience
    • Fostering a positive mindset
    • Staying fit / active at home
    • Boosting your immune system
    • Nutrition / meal planning
    • Meditation / yoga practices
    • Other: _______________________
  3. Which of the following technical issues are you encountering:
    • Remote desktop session is freezing
    • VPN disconnecting / reconnecting
    • Issues making calls
    • Issues with video chats
    • General internet connection issues
    • No issues
    • Other: _______________________

Please comment on the following:

  1. Do you have any suggestions on how we can enhance or maintain our corporate culture at this time?
  2. Are there any resources that could improve your at-home work environment.
  3. How else can our company support you during this time?
  4. Do you have any other feedback you would like to provide?

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Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Here are 25 possible questions for you to choose from for your employee engagement survey.

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