How to discuss salary in an interview

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If you’re asked for your salary expectations in an interview, you should provide a range — otherwise, you’re leaving the offer fully to the employer and I’ve seen employers choose candidates they KNOW fall within their defined salary range.


Employers have more confidence making an offer to a candidate they know falls within their range. So if you don’t know, look online for comparable roles and look realistically at what you have to offer. DO NOT say “I need (amount) to cover my mortgage and daycare costs!


An offer is not about your costs but what you bring to the table.


Say something like this, as an example: “I’m ideally looking for $75,000 per year based on my experience, however I’m keen on this role and I see myself in this company. I would accept an offer of $68 to $70,000 with the potential to grow.” The point here is to state what you want and show some flexibility.

Don’t say “make me a reasonable offer” because reasonable is a hard measure in compensation.