I’m looking for work and my employer is not aware, what should I do?

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If you have an open and meaningful relationship with your employer, consider discussing your job search with them. There is a possibility that they can help you grow in the direction you are intending, or show you how you can earn more within the organization.  In other words, see if you can make this employment relationship work before conducting a search.

Some employers do react negatively when they find out an employee is looking for alternative employment, and if this is the case, then of course, keep your search confidential.

That means that you cannot post your resume online. You should apply with us and other staffing firms that can explore the job market for you.  You should also make sure your LinkedIn profile is comprehensive so that a Recruiter can easily find you on LinkedIn. If you send your resume directly to firms that interest you, be sure to include a cover letter that states clearly that your job search is confidential.

If you’re extremely worried about someone finding out, you can consider NOT listing your current employer’s name and just putting “Confidential” as the company name.

Do not include your work phone number and your business email. Use your personal cell number and your home email.