Personal Development Courses


Jul 15. Local Cooking with Chef Anna March (Live online class). Learn how to leverage every fresh crisp flavour coming out of the ground. $75.

Jul 24. Cozymeal (Live Online Class). Learn to cook two types of handmade ravioli from scratch in 75 minutes over Zoom. $39/person.

Sept 2020. Gluten-Free Bread (Online Class). Learn to make traditional baked goods without gluten with recipes, testimonials, photos, and FAQs. Prices vary.

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking (Learning App/Website). Learn from Gordon Ramsay on everything from kitchen setup to buying fresh ingredients. $20/month.

New York Times (On-Demand Classes). Attend an online cooking school with video lessons from one of America’s top newspapers.

Pailin’s Kitchen (YouTube Channel). Learn to cook everything Thai from Vancouver’s Pailin Chongchitnant, posting new videos every Friday.


Yaymaker Paint Nite (Video Call). Explore the variety of Paint Nite options available. Minimal supplies required. $15/person.

Modern Watercolour Techniques (Online, on-demand). Explore your creativity and expand your painting skills with these step-by-step watercolor techniques. First 14 days free.

Jimmy Chin Teaches Adventure Photography (Learning App and Website). Learn how to capture breathtaking shots of the world from Jimmy Chin, a National Geographic cover photographer. $20/month.

Lifestyle Photography: Capturing Inspiring Visual Stories (Online, on-demand). This class is all about capturing a story, giving you tools and tactics to capture everyday moments with artistry. First 14 days free.

Music Notes Now (Website). Learn the basics of reading music with images, descriptions and examples.

Piano Lessons for Beginners (Online, on-demand). You will learn everything you need to know about the piano, from how to place your hands and make your first sound, to how to play the piano in a band. First 14 days free.

Drawing as Self-Discovery: 5 Ways to Start (Online, on-demand). Join Mari in this inviting class as she shares how drawing can help you process your emotions and promote
self-discovery. First 14 days free.

Itzhak Perlman Teaches Violin (Online, on-demand). Learn fundamental techniques, practice strategies, and how to add richness and depth to your sound. Give your most dynamic performance yet. $20/month.


Home Depot (Online Website). Learn tips and tricks to start a successful at home garden, the important aspects of preparing and maintaining a garden with links and suggestions to products.

Master Gardening Series: Vegetable Gardening (Online, on-demand). Learn how to select a site, prepare soil and plant vegetables in your backyard. $45.

Ron Finley Teaches Gardening (Learning App and Website). Learn to grow your own food and keep plants alive from the “Gangster Gardener” Ron Finley. $20/month.

Gardening for Beginners (Online, on-demand). Gives you some ideas about simple, easy to care for plants and grass care that will make your garden into the envy of your neighbourhood and will not require hourss of hard work. New plants added weekly. First 14 days free.

Create a Butterfly Garden (On-demand). Learn the difference between a garden and a butterfly habitat and understand the scientific components of attracting butterflies.

Introduction to Growing Organic Food Sustainably (Video Modules). Learn to grow vegetables like beetroot, chili, peppers and celery in an environmentally friendly way.


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Personal and Professional Development Guide

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