Safety Precautions for On-Site Employees

If work from home is not possible and you have team members onsite, we have prepared tips and actions you can take to keep everyone’s safety the top priority.

  1. Keep a 2 meter distance at all times. Consider using tape to draw lines or leave a desk between each team member.
  2. Offer shifts to limit the number of bodies in the office at one time.
  3. Host meetings via video-conference (i.e. Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangout, etc).
  4. Close all non-essential group spaces (i.e. lunchrooms, coffee machines, vending machines, etc). Recommend that team members bring their own coffee, water and food from home.
  5. If you use an elevator, we recommend keeping it to one person at a time.
  6. Step up your cleaning services. Ensure that all commonly touched surfaces are cleaned often (i.e. door handles and elevator buttons)
  7. If you are using protective gear, train team members how to properly wear and use the items.
  8. Forward your mail to an employee’s home or arrange a drop off location. And remind whoever receives the mail to disinfect and wash their hands after opening it.

It’s not enough to simply tell people to wash their hands anymore. Implement safety precautions and audit often to ensure everyone is adhering to your guidelines. As employers, we are responsible for the safety of our team members working onsite.

For more information, watch our video: