Showing Your Interest in an Interview

Showing interest IN an interview and AFTER an interview is a key component of actually getting the offer.

Everyone wants to feel wanted – so, when an interviewee shows their desire to accept an offer, the interviewer perks up. This could be the difference between the other interviewee who just walked out casually and showed no interest at all.

At the end of the interview, state clearly “I’m keenly interested in this role and in this company.” Show your passion.

Then follow up with an email to those that met with you and provide additional information such as:  “Here are my references.  I’m available for second interviews every afternoon next week.”

Although this is uncommon, you could send a thank you note by mail. It shows a touch of class and can really set you apart if there is a sea of candidates. Choose to send one if you think it could wow the employer.

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