Tips for ergonomics at home during COVID-19

There’s never been a better time to discuss home ergonomics.

With millions of Canadians now working from home, employers need to be present to their employees’ physical health. Sure, we’ve all worked from our beds or dining room tables before, but how long can that be sustained before injuries set in?

The reality is that when a team member is working at home, it’s difficult for the employer to have any control over the short and long term impact on the individual’s physical health.

So when is home home, and work work especially as it relates to injury and ergonomics?

The former assessment was:  If an injury occurs during work time, then it’s the employer’s responsibility. If an injury occurs on personal time, then WSIB and worker’s safety doesn’t apply.

But right now, this whole matter feels like a grey zone. As Canadians have rushed from onsite work to work from home, they were not likely set up with height-adjustable desks, chairs with lumbar support, monitor stands, and ergonomic keyboards!

In the video below, our CEO Kathryn Tremblay offers her thoughts on this – with one key action for employers.